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The big daddy Grounding & Protection bundle contains a beautiful selection of protective crystals for home / office / personal use as well as sage & palo to cleanse & clear your space. It will assist in removing negative energies of all kinds, allowing the positive higher vibrations to flow freely. 


- your Grounding & Protection bundle includes - 
1 x Black Obsidian Half Polished Point - 6-6.5cm
 1 x Smokey Quartz Palm Stone - 5cm
1 x Black Tourmaline Raw Chunk - 17-20g
1 x Shungite Tumble Stone - 2 - 2.5cm
1 x Tiger Eye Point - 7cm
1 x Rose Quartz Raw Chunk - 90-100g
1 x White Sage stick - 10cm long
1 x Selenite stick - 20cm long
1 x Palo Santo stick - 10cm
1 x Abalone Shell Large


Black Obsidian is the psychic protection stone. Will shine a light on areas where you are holding negative energy & help you release it. Also shields you against negativity. Place at the front door to protect against negative energies that you or others may bring into your home.

☾  Smokey Quartz  is a grounding crystal known for its ability to help you move on from difficult or painful experiences. It guides us into the present moment and to higher states of being bringing peace and calm. It counteracts the effects of radiation - for eg electromagnetic fields around TVs, mobiles and computer technology.

☾  Shungite is the perfect crystal for detoxifying the body, mind and soul. It protects you from harmful electromagnetic fields emitted from mobiles computers & TV's. Shungite contains fullerenes - a powerful antioxidant that can purify water. Also helps with sleep and anxiety.

☾  Black Tourmaline is a very supportive stone that protects us from external influences, dispersing stress, tension and negative energy. It grounds and anchors light energy within the physical body, promoting inner wisdom, stability, courage and patience bringing peace to the heart and mind. Black Tourmaline may also be used in ritual to cleanse before ceremony instead of sacred smoke or to cleanse people, spaces and crystals by passing the wand over them.

Tiger Eye increases courage, strength & personal power. It assists in releasing fear & anxiety from the body & energy field. A powerful protection stone that that also inspires creativity when it comes to creating and growing wealth particularly when combined with Citrine & Pyrite.

  Rose Quartz  - Unconditional love hold the most powerful protection qualities in the universe! Rose Quartz heals & opens the heart chakra. It is comforting in times of grief. It encourages love, self love, friendship & forgiveness. It radiates calming energy

 White Sage purifies and cleanses crystals, spaces, the body, household items, tarot and oracle cards by banishing all negative and dense energies. It invites positive vibrations and blessings. Sage will enhance the energies of your crystals.

 ☾  Selenite is a crystal with high vibrations that clears negative and congested energy from your body and crystals. It also creates a peaceful environment when placed in the home.

 ☾  Palo Santo known as 'Holy Wood' it is also purifying and cleansing. It replaces negative energies with uplifting and positive vibrations.

☾  Abalone Shells have been used over thousands of years by coastal Aboriginal peoples and are a sacred material used in cleansing and protection rituals. Commonly used as a vessel for burning bundles of Sage or Palo Santo, these shells are a perfect companion for any smoke ritual and hold your dry herb bundles perfectly. Irresistibly beautiful with its iridescent interior invoking the element of water and the energy of the sea, abalone shells have been revered throughout the world as a magical gift from the sea. Abalone is associated with femininity and motherhood.

++ How to use your Grounding & Protection Bundle 


First place your crystals anywhere where you feel drawn. Anywhere near technology is ideal or even in your bedroom to create a protective shield whilst sleeping.  Smaller stones can travel with you in your pocket for protection when you are out and about.

Then cleanse your space. Start off by taking a few deep breaths

Set your intention in your mind of what you would like this cleansing to do i.e. cleanse any negative energy, emotions, bring in positive vibrations and imagine the space cleansed and protected

Light the top end of the Sage stick until it is well ignited, gently blow out the flame, this will cause it to smoke. Hold the Abalone Shell under the stick to catch any falling ash or embers

Make your way through your space slowly waving the stick in circular motions, paying extra attention the corners of rooms and your crystals

Holding your intention in your mind as you make your way through, visualising, feeling or just knowing your intentions are coming to fruition as you do so.

If the stick is still smoking once finished, put out in sand or stamp out in heat proof dish

Then repeat the process using your palo stick to raise the vibration. Hold the intention of love, joy & anything you'd like to fill the space after clearing. This is an important step to set the ongoing vibration of your home. When you remove negative energies you want to replace them with positive ones!

Always remember when you begin to open a door and windows to allow the smoke to leave. 

You can use your selenite stick like a wand and wave it around your space and crystals with your intention in mind, until the space and your crystals feel cleansed.

Don't be afraid to speak aloud your commands & intentions if you feel to. Your voice is powerful too!

Once you have finished, express sincere gratitude for the cleansing that has taken place & embrace the new positive energy



   ++ Price is for one large Grounding & Protection Bundle, intuitively picked for you. The pictures represent the quality and sizing you can expect to receive however please note that each bundle is unique and one of a kind so there will be slight variations.