Crystal Light Grids


What is a Crystal Grid ? 

A Crystal Grid is the intentional placement of crystals, usually... but not necessarily, in a sacred geometric pattern to help manifest your dreams, goals and life's intentions.
The power of a crystal grid comes from the combined energy of the crystals you choose, the sacred geometric pattern you have chosen to lay them in, and the INTENTIONS you set.
This harnesses and amplifies the sacred power and creates a shift in energy which brings an energy change in the direction of the intention you have set. 

How do I use a Crystal Grid ? 


Here is some Ritual guidance….

these are not rules, there are no rules, just follow your intuition !


 ☾  Choose your location of where you would like to place your grid. This can be in your home, work place, or out in nature. Trust that you will know the exact spot ! If you have an altar, this is a great place for your grid. I also like to build my crystal grids on or around objects that are a part of my manifesting process, such as a written list of goals, my vision board, jewellery that I am programming with an intention, etc.


  Choose the time to build and construct your grid - some ideas are :

-  in tandem with the Lunar cycles or Solstices

-  as a zen and mindful activity to bring a sense of calm into your world

build your grid while focusing on the INTENTION  you are manifesting into your world. This will amplify the speed and magnitude of your manifesting power

 ☾  If you decide to create your own grid, or expand on one of our Crystal Light Grids using a collection of your own crystals and items found in nature, decide on the basic structure of the grid: circle, square, triangle, hexagon, a combination of different shapes. The possibilities are endless. Let your intuition guide you and get creative and have lots of fun. Use the crystals to direct the energy

  Once you are satisfied with the grid you’ve created and constructed, you can meditate with your grid, allow it to charge and energize your space, and continue to interact with it by removing or adding to it. Remember there are no rules just follow the callings of your imagination !

☾  If you feel drawn you can also add a candle and sacred smoke into your crystal grid ritual. Using a candle, it could be one with a lovely aroma or a favourite colour. Use Palo Santo and Sage, or other sacred smoke tools. 

☾ Use the power of fire to activate the grid by lighting the candle and the stick of Palo Santo or Sage. Palo Santo is one of my personal favourite magical tools because it has the ability to clear and neutralize any unwanted energies of a person, a space or an object and charge them with positive energy. It also smells yummy. Burnt similarly to Palo Santo, Sage smells amazing too and has the same effects. You can use the Palo Santo to smoke yourself, family and friends participating in your crystal grid by circling them with the smoke from the Palo Santo. It's fun and keeps the energy high. Circle the crystal grid with the Palo Santo smoke 3 x to activate.  Why x 3?  Because 3 is a number of creativity and will help you to create your INTENTION in your world. If you would like, you can say a mantra or state your intention as you do this. This is also an ideal time to talk to your spirit guides !
        If you would like to cleanse your crystals in between grids, you can use your sacred smoke tools of Palo Santo or Sage or charge them in the moonlight of a Full Moon.  You can also visualize your crystals being cleansed.
          Remember no rules, just fun !
          Enjoy the process.
          Wishing you peace, love and abundance xx