Palo Santo Sticks

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Purifying - Removes negative energies - Relaxing


   Known as 'holly wood' or the 'wood of the spirits' 

   Purifies, cleanses and heals

  Great for meditation as it stimulates the mind and creates a relaxing peaceful atmosphere

  Removes negative and unwanted energies bringing in positive energy and light 

  Helps raise your vibration and ground you into your body and out of your head


 3 x Palo Santo sticks
size : 10cm long
included is a small clear quartz crystal to assist with your cleansing intentions



++ How to use your Palo Santo stick

Start off by taking a few deep breaths

Set your intention in your mind of what you would like this cleansing to do ie; cleanse any negative energy, emotions, bring in positive vibrations etc.

Light the top end of the Palo Santo stick until it is well ignited, gently blow out the flame, this will cause it to smoke. Hold fire proof bowl or Shell under stick to catch any falling ash or embers

Make your way through the space slowly waving the stick in circular motions, paying extra attention the corners of rooms

Holding your intention in your mind as you make your way through, visualising, feeling or just knowing your intentions are coming to fruition as you do so

Once you have finished, express sincere gratitude for the cleansing that has taken place & embrace the new positive energy

If stick is still smoking once finished, put out in sand or stamp out in heat proof dish. 

Always remember to open a door and window to allow the smoke to leave .