I AM Joyful & Abundant

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Crystal center point: Clear Quartz

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This divine Crystal Light Grid was lovingly inspired to assist in removing negative energies of all kinds, allowing positive higher vibrations to flow freely helping you connect into to your heart centre where Joy resides

- your I AM Joyful & Abundant grid includes - 
please select your centre piece crystal point from the above menu 

1 x Citrine or Clear Quartz Point - medium 5 - 6cm
6 x Clear Quartz polished points
4 x Fuschite pieces 2 - 3cm
4 x Aura Quartz necklace points

 your grid is packaged with love and care into a Crystal Rose pouch xx

   Citrine is know as 'sunshine in a crystal'. It connects us to joy and happiness. It can assist in raising self esteem and self confidence awakening creativity and imagination. As our vibration lifts we are able to manifest wealth and abundance on all levels into our world

☆   Fuchsite brings healing for the heart and encourages joyfulness and abundance. It may help you bounce back from physical and emotional challenges being a powerful crystal of rejuvenation and renewal 

   Clear Quartz helps you achieve clarity of mind when creating a vision for your life. It amplifies you thoughts so you can manifest those visions. Energetically Clear Quartz cleanses all other crystals

☆   Aura Quartz radiates the energy of peace, serenity and positivity. It can assist in releasing negativity, stress and long held doubts about self worth allowing space for happiness and joy to flow. Green gives a feeling of renewal, new life, freshness, growth and clarity. When using green we must accept and allow love in our hearts and learn to give it without expecting anything in return. When our heart centre is balanced, we are able to give positive feelings and happiness, unconditionally !

- suggested affirmation to use with your Crystal Light Grid - 

' I am thankful for all that I have in my life. I am full of joy and gratitude. I am worthy of all the love and happiness life has to offer. '

++ Price is per one Grid set, intuitively picked for you. The pictures represent the quality and sizing you can expect to receive however please note that each Grid set is unique and one of a kind so there will be slight variations.  

☾ all crystals have been cleansed and activated with Palo Santo and bathed in the beautiful 432 Hz sound frequencies from our Crystal Singing Bowls, set with the intention of peace, love & abundance.