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A unique and beautiful hand selected Crystal Chakra set.  Each set contains 7 crystals that associates with balancing your Chakras, removing negative energies and allowing positive higher vibrations to flow freely creating more presence, peace and joy into your world.



- your Crystal Chakra Set includes - 


 ☾  Base  - Red Aventurine
grounding - balance 

☾  Sacral - Orange Calcite
creativity - vitality

☾  Solar Plexus - Golden Calcite
personal power - confidence

☾  Heart - Green Aventurine
self love - compassion

☾  Throat - Blue Quartz
expression - communication

☾  Third Eye - Purple Amethyst
intuition - peace

☾  Crown - Clear Quartz
connection - clarity

- crystal details -
approx size : 2- 3cm each crystal
and is packaged with love and care into a Crystal Rose pouch and crystal information xx


 - Ways to use your Crystal Chakra Set -

-  Focus on a specific chakra and hold in your hand the corresponding crystal to support its balancing. Allow five minutes to meditate with the crystal as you visualize the colour of that chakra expanding and becoming brighter in colour

-  Lay the appropriate crystal on the chakra area. You can choose a crystal that corresponds to the colour of the chakra or by selecting one that you resonate with, Close your eyes and breathe deeply visualizing the chakra expanding and becoming brighter in colour

- Carry a crystal with you for the day in your pocket. Throughout your day take time to focus on the chakra, visualizing it balancing 

  ++ Price is per one piece, intuitively picked for you. The pictures represent the quality and sizing you can expect to receive however please note that each Crystal Chakra Set is unique and one of a kind so there will be slight variations.  

 ☾ all crystals have been cleansed and activated with Palo Santo and bathed in the beautiful 432 Hz sound frequencies from our Crystal Singing Bowls, set with the intention of peace, love & abundance.