How to use crystals around your home

How to use crystals around your home

Let's chat about the energy crystals hold in your home and how to use them in any space. 

Some of the most common, or easiest to find crystal clusters, are the Clear Quartz and the Apophyllite clusters. Because crystals bring strong Earth feng shui element energy into any space.

Each crystal holds its own unique energy, that is why you feel drawn to some over others (if you feel like you’ve never felt their energy, ask yourself why you were drawn to picking a specific one?). While each TYPE of crystal has its general properties, I am a firm believer that each crystal will mean something unique to you.

Like all other spiritual tools, use your intuition to guide you. Rather than immediately googling what something means, sit with it and see what emotions/feelings arise for you first. The universe is always guiding you toward something special, which means that reoccurring numbers, crystals, animals will all mean something different to the individual.

BUT for the purpose of this blog, let me break down some of the tangible ways to utilise your crystals.


Meditate with them. I lay down for my meditation practice and place crystals along my chakra points (another blog coming on Chakras soon). This helps me connect to each chakra point by not only feeling the energy but I love feeling the weight of the crystal on each point (especially my third eye chakra). TIP: If you’re trying to call something in during meditation e.g. self love hold a crystal like rose quartz in your left hand as this is your hand of receiving, likewise if you are wanting to put a certain energy out e.g. clear communication use a crystal like clear quartz in your right hand as this is your expressing hand.

Honestly just sitting there with your crystal and feeling its edges is a really beautiful way to feel their properties and to learn its energy, it’s also a great mindfulness exercise. Feeling whether the edges are smooth or rough, noticing the points or lack there of. Sit with its energy and allow yourself to be transported in the beauty of these small natural wonders.

Using you crystals in a ritual is a powerful way to connect with your guides and the universe. Working with moon energy and crystals is one of my favourite rituals. Stating my intentions on the new moon and locking those intentions into a crystal and then releasing and recharging that crystal on the full moon is a beautiful practice.

Citrine is the crystal of abundance and a stone that I love to have near me when I am manifestation journaling or visualising.

Lastly I have crystals because just looking at them makes me feel good lol. Having them around my house not only boosts the energy but gives me a sense of beauty when looking at them.


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